Letter Carving -  House names, Wall art, Sculptural letter cutting &  Small memorials - By Zoe Singleton


I am an Artist based in Devon working predominantly in stone. I love experimenting with new designs from my studio in Devon which looks out over Dartmoor. My work is frequently described as "poetic and lyrical", All letter cutting is hand drawn as a response to the words and has the quality of seeing "the hand of the artist" rather than static computer generated lettering, each piece is unique. 

Garden sculpture is inspired by my love of gardening as well as the dramatic coastline of the South West as well as the rugged geology of Dartmoor which has a continued presence in my work.                                                                           My work covers a wide range of sculptural ideas and letter cutting projects, working mainly in stone sourced from the UK and Ireland such as Cornish Slate, Welsh Slate or Portland Limestone, Bath stone and Kilkenny Limestone. 

We have a huge range of beautiful stones within the UK which I like to use and explore there sculptural potential. I have also become increasingly concious of the large carbon footprint created by sourcing stone considered exotic from far flung parts of the world as well as the poor working conditions of those working to produce these, so I now only source stone from from reputable UK and Irish sources. 

                            I am happy to undertake commissions. Please browse the gallery for inspiration or contact me and visit my studio in South Devon.
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