The Waymarker Project – by Zoe Singleton


The Waymarker Project’ was commissioned by Torbay Culture with emergency funding from Arts Council England. Zoe Singleton collaborated with staff at Torbay Hospital and the team at HeARTS (Health and the Arts in Torbay and South Devon), to create five Waymarker stones that will form the foundation of a future sculpture trail around the hospital grounds.


The Waymarker stones feature words that were submitted to Zoe by the hospital staff about the importance of the hospitals outdoor spaces to the staff, particularly during the Covid 19 pandemic. Zoe asked the staff to submit words in their first language and their own handwriting in order that the stones reflect the valued diversity of the staff working within the hospital. Zoe then created a hand drawn script from the selected words that maintained elements of the individuals hand as well as creating harmony and unity across the many languages submitted.


These words were divided accross the stones into 5 themes of Friendship, Peace, Nature, Reflection and Rest. Now carved, the stones have been installed in the hospital grounds providing spaces along a journey to pause, think and reflect.





Environmental News. 

Since we moved into our new studio at Black Barns Devon, we've been working to consider the impact of our design and decision making in relation to the environment. On the roof of the studio we have installed 20 solar panels which generate electricity for our use and the surplus goes into the national grid.

Our next infrastructure project is to build a wind turbine. Over the last few weeks we've been researching the project and this summer we'll set to work and attempt to build our own wind turbine which will power the batteries which drive our water pump. 
In the studio we are considering how far we can go with a zero waste initiative. In the coming weeks we'll use instagram to tell the story.


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